A world of options

The new Audi.de

Audi.de revolutionises the online presentation of its models by blending stunning product staging with the interaction and engagement of personal configuration.

Case Study

Product focused

Audi.de integrates configuration with product staging, allowing customers browsing through Audi’s model range to configure their own colours, designs and options from virtually any point in the website. The dynamic new site keeps track of your choices, continuously updating the beauty shots in glorious high definition according to the selected options.

Premium service

The personal online assistant means help is at hand whenever you need it.

Get inspired

The “digital parking lot” shows every single car that is configured on the Audi.de in realtime. Just browse through the configurations of other users and get inspired. You can directly jump into any configuration - a great starting point for your own dream Audi.

Future proofed

The new platform works beautifully on desktop and tablet, plus it’s all set for rollout to over 100 markets by 2015.

The result