Audi Germany

The Social Stunt


500.000 Audi Fans

on Facebook

One set of worn tires – and 44,000,000 media impressions

Audi’s Facebook Fanpage is one of the biggest automotive social communities in Germany. The number of 500,000 fans was the reason and motivation for a social event that honors the fans: LeMans winner Dindo Capello used an Audi R8 sports car to drift the magic number onto the asphalt. When the video is published on Facebook, the fans are spoiled, the journalists stunned – and for the first time in Audi’s history, a web video finds its way to TV.



The largest automobile brand page on Facebook was about to hit 500,000 fans. Some of the most passionate fans in the world. Audi wanted to return the favor. A demonstration of shared passion. But Facebook Fans are spoiled. On average they like over 80 pages. 80 pages competing for their attention. We needed to return the passion with a bang.


500,000 Audi Fans deserve more. More than a post, a picture or a video clip. They deserve something new: So we invented the social stunt. We took the car our fans love most - an Audi R8. Added three times LeMans winner Audi Pilot Dindo Capello. And sent them on a mission. On a little racetrack near Barcelona Dindo Capello drifted the number "500,000" onto the asphalt. It wasn't easy. But no one said it would be.

But Audi isn't a one-trick pony. This social stunt wasn't either. So we extended the campaign. We wanted to make it something more permanent. Something more iconic. Building on Audi's design heritage we invited Capello back to the table. And we asked him to bring the original tires. Together with a Berlin artist we created 20 unique prints using the messed up profiles of the Audi R8 tires. We gave these social artifacts to our most loyal, passionate and active fans.


We didn't reinvent the wheel. But we did take four tires and did something special. What started out as a digital jubilee came to live on a racetrack in Spain and finally found a lasting space on the walls our most valued fans.


We achieved many 'firsts' and set a couple new benchmarks. We invented the social stunt. Created a whole lot of buzz. Crafted twenty unique social artifacts - one of which made its way into the Audi museum. And by chance, we also created the first fan page film to air on TV.

But not only that. The campaign was immensely successful on Facebook and beyond. Fan growth doubled increasing our fan base by another 17%.

But that's not all. Online and offline media picked up our passionate campaign. They boosted the total reach to over 44,000,000 media impressions worth nearly a million in spendings. That is not even counting the views of the clip's TV debut.