Audi TTBrochure Hack

  • Background

    The Audi TT is the first model to feature the revolutionary Virtual Cockpit. Our task: inspire customers with this futuristic feature. The challenge: do it with the sales brochure – the main touch point for millions of buyers.

  • Idea

    The Audi TT brochure hack – an augmented touch based journey through the Virtual Cockpit. Using conductive print, a conventional brochure becomes a smart surface, letting you explore every aspect of the Virtual Cockpit.

  • Result

    This tech hack turned a static brochure into a storytelling platform. It also got Audi customers one-step closer to driving the TT by letting you book a test drive directly from the app.

How it works Step 1: Launch the app and place your mobile on the page, the app syncs automatically with the brochure.

How it works Step 2: Touch the hotspots on the page to explore every aspect of the Virtual Cockpit – voiceover enhanced your experience and helped you understand each feature.

How it works Step 3: Configure exterior features such as headlights, exterior colour and road wheels. And request a test drive at a dealership nearest to you.

The geeky bit Using conductive print, a conventional sales brochure became a smart surface, enabling haptic feedback. A battery powered Bluetooth chip transformed every touch into a rich product experience between your phone and the brochure.