Oakley – POS Sales App


Oakley makes more than 70 high-tech glasses – in different versions and optimized for all sorts of weather and sports. However, how should customers pick the right glasses for their particular needs, if they can't test them under real conditions ? Our mission was to solve this problem.

Target group:

Potential Oakley buyers at the POS.


The Oakley Lensguide – an app specially designed for the POS that simulates all sorts of different light and weather conditions and as a result always recommends the right glass.

The Clou: A sensor-controlled °360-degree panorama view provides an impressive and authentic experience. The app makes it highly intuitive for users to test and compare different lighting conditions – and the performance of the individual glass shades. This lets buyers get to know the product in a playful setting and makes their purchase decision easier.


Oakley stores around the world are finding out how effective the app can be for sales. The consumer version has been downloaded from the App Store more than 55,000 times.